Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Oxygen Therapy Offers New Hope for Medically Challenged Patients

Connor Barrett was not given much hope when he was born. Autistic, blind and deaf with orthopedic, neurological, digestive, and respiratory disorders his parents were advised that he would live out his life in an institution for the severely disabled.  His doctors did not know how wrong they were.


Instead of searching for an institution his parents sought help through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a medical treatment in which the patient breathes 100% pure oxygen under a pressure greater than normal.  The results for Connor were nothing short of miraculous.


“Connor started receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics in San Bernardino when he was almost three years old.”  States his mother Peggy Barrett.  “Prior to Hyperbarics, he was unable to do anything other than squirm around on his back.  He could not see or hear and had minimal interaction with anyone.  After three treatments he began to follow objects with his eyes and actually held his own bottle.  He continued to progress and after forty treatments starting walking with a walker and feeding himself with a spoon.  He is now four years old and attends pre-school where he colors, uses scissors, does puzzles, rides a tricycle and interacts with his classmates.  His vision has improved to the point that he now wears glasses and can see almost 100%.  He loves to play the piano and is a joyful addition to our family.”

“I am truly pleased with Connor’s overall progress”, says his pediatrician, “He can now see, hear and walk.  His growth has improved tremendously placing him in the fifty percentile on the growth charts for the first time since his birth.”

Dr. Donald Underwood, D.O., M.D.J.D., M.P.H., is the Medical Director at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics.  “The results I have witnessed for some of these patients are truly amazing.  Some of them now have the ability to see, hear and walk.  For most there is a definite improvement in their quality of life.”

Susan and Patrick Rodriguez,C.H.T., E.M.T., D.M.T., are the owners of Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics.  “We are so happy to have helped so many families over the past ten years.”  Susan adds, “Being the mother of three children who have benefited greatly from Hyperbarics, I know first hand how Hyperbarics can change a persons life.  My children are the reason that I got started and continue in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.”

Peggy Barrett feels the same.  She explains, “Due to my son’s miraculous recovery I have now devoted my career to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  I attended classes, completed an internship and passed the National Board Examination for Certified Hyperbaric Oxygen Technologists.  Because Susan and Hyperbarics have given so much to my family, I felt it was only right to give this opportunity to other families in need of hope.”  She now works at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics as a Certified Hyperbaric Technologist.

Numerous published articles support the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for both children and adults for the following conditions:

Cerebral Palsy
Closed Head Injury
Near Drowning
Seizure Disorders
Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)
Vision and hearing disorders
Neurological and brain Disorders

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